House cleaning and hygiene

Do lice prefer clean or dirty hair?

    Head lice find it easier to move around on a clean head of hair, however, that does not mean that an individual with dirty hair won't get lice. Head lice feed on blood and as long as we have blood, we are at risk.

    Does having head lice mean that person lives in a dirty home or has poor hygiene?

      Absolutely not! Getting a case of lice has nothing to do with the cleanliness of one's home or body. Lice are spread by direct contact. They do not live away from the head, so whether a house is clean or dirty makes no difference.

      How much cleaning is necessary when my child has head lice?

        Concentrate only on items that had direct contact with individuals suffering from head lice during the past 24 hours. Wash clothes and linens in warm water and put in dryer on high heat for at least 20 minutes.

        I've heard the worst part of head lice is all the cleaning. Is this true?

          Cleaning is overemphasized. The parent's time is better spent on the child's head, as well as communicating with the child’s closest friends.

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          What they say...

          It is so upsetting to get that dreaded call from the school nurse..."Your child has head lice. Please come pick her up!" It was hard to know what to do first, until I talked to Phyllis. Her step by step guidance made the whole process of caring for 5 heads of hair, plus the whole house and car very manageable. Way less stressful than I could ever have anticipated! Phyllis has a very calm and kind manner, which was great for both myself and the children. It probably helps that she is a mother too. She came very quickly and was very professional.