Won't shaving my child's head solve the problem?

    Yes, but how many children want bald heads? Shaving to rid lice does not mean the hair is cut short—it means shaving away all the hair on the head.

    Is there any way to ensure never getting head lice?

      No. Lice feed on blood; we all are potential hosts for head lice. That's why it is so important to always exercise proactive measures.

      Can using hairspray prevent head lice?

        Some people believe that lice won’t attach to dirty hair, so they overuse hairspray and gels. But using these products will not prevent head lice.

        Is it true that you should never share a comb or hat?

          Head lice are spread through head to head contact. They cannot live away from a human head for more than 48 hours, but sharing hats, helmets and combs is never a good idea.

          What can i do to prevent an outbreak of head lice?

            Pulling long hair back is extremely important. Covering the scalp with hair makes it harder for lice to attach themselves to the scalp. If a child has contact with someone carrying lice, take extra care in checking his or her head. Additional measures include running a good lice comb through the hair once a week or more.

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            What they say...

            After lice came back after my own attempts to remove from my daughter's super thick head of hair, Just Nitpickin' took care of the problem for us in just one visit. Six months later, still lice free! I would recommend Just Nitpickin' to anyone with a lice problem (and I liked that this was a chemical free method).