School policy

If my child has head lice, should i tell the school nurse?

    Absolutely tell the school nurse! If the nurse isn’t informed, she can't work with you to identify other possible sources. Be willing to communicate with your child’s school to minimize the chance of getting lice again and again.

    Whom should i notify if my child has lice?

      Everyone who has had contact with the child in at least the last two weeks, and preferably, during the past month should be notified. Contacts should include the school nurse, daycare director, camp counselor, or other individuals in the position to assist you in notifying and checking those that your child has had contact with.

      What is a live-bug-only policy?

        A live-bug-only policy means that whether the child has nits or not, the child can go to class as long as no one sees adult lice on the child's head. But lice are hard to spot; you could be looking right at a bug and not see it.

        What is a no nit policy?

          A school with a no nit policy excludes children with nits from school. While the nit pickers supports the no nit policy, we also believe that it needs some modifications, as one nit generally means that the child must leave school. We believe that when the nurses have searched thoroughly and found one or two nits, they start to pull them and allow the children to return to class. However, the nurse should recheck the child at least every three to four days for the next three weeks to ensure no further contact exists and the child is truly past it. It is not a matter of whether a bug or a nit was on the head first, because a nit only exists if a bug has been on the head.

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          What they say...

          It is so upsetting to get that dreaded call from the school nurse..."Your child has head lice. Please come pick her up!" It was hard to know what to do first, until I talked to Phyllis. Her step by step guidance made the whole process of caring for 5 heads of hair, plus the whole house and car very manageable. Way less stressful than I could ever have anticipated! Phyllis has a very calm and kind manner, which was great for both myself and the children. It probably helps that she is a mother too. She came very quickly and was very professional.