Why didn't the products we bought at the pharmacy work?

    Many products available today have been on the market for about thirty years. Because of the span of time they’ve been used and overused, lice have built up a resistance to them.

    Does putting mayonnaise on your head work?

      Mayonnaise, vaseline, olive oil and other remedies are messy alternatives for treating head lice. The goal of these treatments is to drown the lice. Because lice can survive for up to two hours without breathing, these treatments are not very effective.

      Do home remedies work?

        There are many home remedies, but in most situations we don't encourage their use. Most are messy and time consuming and are no more effective than the safe products available today.

        What types of products should i look for when shopping?

          Get a good lice comb. Look for safe, nontoxic products. Products will not eradicate head lice. They are a means of augmenting the tedious task of nit removal.

          What treatment options are available for my family?

            Many safe, nontoxic treatment options are available. If you could use only one tool or product, we would recommend a good lice comb. The most important thing is that you do something, as head lice left unattended will only escalate and spread to others.

            If a child has head lice, should the whole family be treated?

              If one family member has a cold, do you give medicine to everyone? Of course not! What you would do, however, is exercise precautionary measures. The same holds true with lice. Be aware, check, comb, and only if necessary, treat. Just nitpickin' would do a head check first, and if evidence of head lice is identified on that person, recommend treatment.

              What should i do if i find head lice on my child?

                Start treating your child as swiftly as possible. The sooner treatment begins, the less the chance of it escalating or spreading to others. Check family members to make sure the lice haven’t yet spread. Call the school nurse, your child’s friends’ parents and others he or she has been in close contact with. Don’t be embarrassed, instead act fast to stop the chain.

                What is the quickest way to get past a case of head lice?

                  There is no shortcut. Tedious, time consuming nitpicking and checking everyone with whom the person has had contact is the first step toward eliminating head lice. A good comb (when used properly) can eliminate up to 85 percent of the problem. Even when you think you have done the job right, don't let your guard down. The life cycle of lice is three weeks, so keep checking during that time period.

                  Does a case of head lice ever go away without intervention?

                    Lice nearly always continue to multiply and to spread to others. Only on a rare occasion would a case of head lice go away by itself.

                    What is the shepherd method™?

                      The shepherd method™ is a safe, non-toxic, strand-by-strand method of nit removal developed by katie shepherd. Shepherd founded lice solutions rn, inc. As a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 tax exempt organization whose mission is to provide community awareness, individual and group screenings and complete nit removal.

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