Who is at risk

Why do some people get head lice over and over again and others never do?

    There are many reasons why some people seem to get lice repeatedly. They may have not eradicated the first outbreak completely. If the lice were not removed from their living space, they may be re-infested. Studies have shown that head lice leave a scent that is attractive to other head lice—this is one reason to be extra diligent in rechecking someone for three months after the outbreak.

    Are head lice more prevalent in warmer climates?

      No. The only difference a warmer climate makes is the lice are more apt to move up and down the hair shaft and lay eggs throughout the hair, while in colder climates, they generally stay closer to the scalp.

      Do african american children get head lice?

        Anyone, including african americans, can get head lice. They are less likely to get head lice because of the shape of their individual hair strands but they are far from immune.

        Who is at risk of getting head lice?

          Everyone is at risk. If you have contact with an infected person, you can get them.

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          What they say...

          The dreaded phone call from the school nurse then the panic!! Phyllis was wonderful, supportive, and solved the "problem" with one visit to the house and it was all chemical free! With a bit of education from Phyllis the panic eased and we were able to get rid of the lice with no reoccurance. Phyllis provided unbelievable service and great information on how to prevent future occurances. Don't panic - just call Phyllis.