• $35 for initial head check Head check fees are waived if treatment is provided.


  • $200 per treatment.
  • $125 short/crew cut
  • Travel fees may apply if more than 10 miles travel.
  • Reimbursement from your insurance or flexible spending account may apply. Please check with your policy.

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What they say...

It is so upsetting to get that dreaded call from the school nurse..."Your child has head lice. Please come pick her up!" It was hard to know what to do first, until I talked to Phyllis. Her step by step guidance made the whole process of caring for 5 heads of hair, plus the whole house and car very manageable. Way less stressful than I could ever have anticipated! Phyllis has a very calm and kind manner, which was great for both myself and the children. It probably helps that she is a mother too. She came very quickly and was very professional.